what can i plant with watermelon

What Can I Plant With Watermelon?

Melons are one of the most compatible plants in the garden and do well when planted with peas, pole beans, bush beans, onions, leeks, chives, and garlic. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, kale, okra, spinach, sunflowers, lettuce, and Brussels sprouts also flourish in the companionship of melons.Mar 4, 2021

What can you not plant with watermelon?

‘Sugar Baby’ Watermelon

Avoid planting them near other crops that will shade them. Include flowers like dill, chamomile, cosmos and pineapple sage to attract predatory insects that eat melon pests, including beetles, caterpillars and aphids.

Can you grow watermelon and tomatoes together?

Warm-season plants like tomatoes and melons thrive together with the same temperature, sun, nutrition and water needs, but they require generous spacing for growth. Plant these crops at the same time, and with the same considerations.

Can I plant cantaloupe and watermelon together?

Size. The foremost concern in planting both cantaloupe and watermelons in the same garden bed is space. The vines of both melons spread far and will grow wherever they can to access sunlight. Plants too close together cause unnecessary competition for light, soil moisture and nutrients.

Can cucumbers and watermelon be planted next to each other?

Different types of cucumbers can cross, but even then it only affects the next generation via the seeds. Likewise melons; but not watermelon, that’s a whole different plant. So the first answer is ‘Yes’, yes you can plant them together.

What is the best companion plant for watermelon?

Melons are one of the most compatible plants in the garden and do well when planted with peas, pole beans, bush beans, onions, leeks, chives, and garlic. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, kale, okra, spinach, sunflowers, lettuce, and Brussels sprouts also flourish in the companionship of melons.

Can I plant marigolds with watermelon?

Flowers: Watermelons rely on insects like bees to help it produce fruit—that’s why flowering plants with appealing scents like marigolds, lavender, and borage make good companions for watermelon plants. These flowers also repel aphids, which can be particularly destructive to watermelon leaves and tendrils.

What can I plant with melon?

Companion Vegetables: Melons are one of the most compatible plants in the garden and do well when planted with all of the following:
  • beans (pole and bush)
  • onions/garlic/chives/leeks.
  • cabbage.
  • broccoli.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • cauliflower.
  • carrots.
  • peas.

Can you plant zucchini and watermelon together?

Not at all! Fortunately, melons and squash have virtually the same growth requirements, making it easy to plant them next to each other and allow their root systems to intermingle.

Are you supposed to turn watermelons as they grow?

When it turns yellow, it’s a sign of ripeness. Be careful not to rotate your melon too much when you check the coloring or you may damage the vine. Just tip the fruit up enough to peek under it. On ripe melons, the green, curly tendrils near the stem start to dry out and turn brown.

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What happens if you plant watermelons too close together?

Spaced properly, watermelons will thrive. When placed too close together, they will overlap and cause problems for the surrounding fruit plants. Each plant will spread in a circle of around 4 feet. The vine that’s on top will soak up the needed sunlight, leaving the vines below to wither.

What can watermelon cross pollinate with?

Melon Species

Muskmelons, cantaloupes, honeydews and casabas (Curcumis melo) can cross-pollinate with each other because they’re the same species. Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) can cross-pollinate with citrons (Citrullus lanatus) but they can’t cross-pollinate with honeydews or cantaloupes.

How many watermelons do you get per plant?

How Many Watermelons per Plant? Healthy watermelon vines produce 2-4 fruits per plant. The vines produce both male and female flowers. Both are needed to set fruit and there are fewer female flowers compared to male, about one female for every seven males.

Why should you not plant cucumbers near tomatoes?

Cucumbers’ and Tomatoes’ Shared Diseases

Phytophthora blight and root rot are more serious issues as these disease pathogens can ravage both cucumbers and tomatoes. Plants can be treated with commercial fungicides as a preventive measure, but it’s better to just use good cultivation practices.

How much space do watermelon plants need?

Watermelons need A LOT of space—up to 20 square feet per plant. Their vines need room to sprawl, so plant them in a place where they won’t crowd out other crops. Growing the vines in raised rows, known as hills, ensures good drainage and will hold the sun’s heat longer.

How far apart should I plant watermelon and cucumbers?

Space the plants about a foot apart in the row and leave at least 3 feet between rows. If planting in hills, you can grow two or three plants to a hill and space the hills about 4 or 5 feet apart.

Can strawberries and watermelon grow together?

Melons. Summer melons such as cantaloupe, muskmelons and watermelons, or winter melons like casaba, crenshaw, honeydew, and Persian can be planted with strawberries. They require a minimum of six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day.

Do potatoes and watermelon grow well together?

Vegetable Allies

Pole or bush beans are beneficial when planted close to watermelons because they increase the soil’s nitrogen. Interplanting melons with potatoes can have good effects, particularly if you mulch the potatoes with straw.

Can you plant sunflowers with watermelon?

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are another companion flower to melons recommended by Golden Harvest Organics. They repel the aphids that nasturtiums attract, so if you have planted nasturtiums but still are finding aphids on your melons, add some sunflowers to the mix. Birds also love sunflowers.

What herbs grow well with watermelon?

Radishes are excellent companions for watermelons and other cucurbits, as they deter squash bugs and serve as effective trap crops for flea beetles. Strong-scented herbs like spearmint, oregano, basil, catnip, anise and borage deter pests, attract beneficial insects and are valued in cooking.

Can you plant corn and watermelon together?

You can plants them near your watermelons, just make sure the corn doesn’t tower over the vines too much, since watermelon plants need full sun to thrive. … Just make sure you allow plenty of space for your watermelons to grow.

What herbs grow well with melons?

The following plants can either deter the aphids, or can serve as trap plants to distract the aphids from attacking the watermelon plants:
  • Garlic.
  • Catnip.
  • Dill.
  • Mint.
  • Nasturtiums.
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Can you plant dill next to watermelon?

Dill, Mint, or Other Herbs

Like flowers, herbs can be planted near or along the side of the garden. They can also be placed in pots near the garden. They don’t need to be planted right next to the watermelons in your garden to be effective.

Are watermelon plants poisonous to dogs?

The Dangers of Watermelons to Dogs

Ingestion of large amounts of stems, seeds, rind, and leaves of watermelons can cause a gastrointestinal blockage.

Should I pinch off watermelon flowers?

Some believe that pinching off a vine’s growing shoots as watermelons start to ripen will cause the plant to divert all its energies to fruit ripening. Recent research has shown this to be false.

Do you water watermelon everyday?

They require plentiful regular, even watering for quick growing. Give watermelons 1 to 2 inches (2.5. -5cm) of water every week (1 inch equals 16 gallons/60.5 liters.) Keep the soil moist until the fruit reaches full size then stop watering while the fruit ripens.

How do I make my watermelon sweeter when growing?

8 Tips for Growing The Sweetest Melons
  1. Start with the Sweetest Varieties. …
  2. Sow Seeds Early. …
  3. Find Your Warmest Microclimate. …
  4. Accentuate the Sun’s Rays. …
  5. Don’t Crowd Your Melons. …
  6. Sweetness Starts in the Soil. …
  7. Water Heavily – But not During Ripening. …
  8. Pick at the Pinnacle of Ripeness.

Can you plant watermelon in pots?

Yes, you can grow watermelon in pots. But there are some important guidelines you’ll want to follow to set yourself up for success. Watermelons are fun to grow in pots, but they must be cared for properly.

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Is Epsom salt good for watermelon?

For sweeter watermelons and cantaloupes when the plant starts vining and again when small 1-inch melons appear, spray with 6 1/2 tablespoons Epsom salts and 3 1/2 tablespoons borax in 5 gallons of water. For more fruit on your pepper plants, fertilize the plant by burying an open one-half pack of book matches near it.

Can I grow watermelon in raised bed?

You can grow a watermelon plant in a small 4′ x 4′ raised garden bed – if you use a trellis. … There’s no avoiding that they are large, vigorous plants. But if you select the right variety, take good care of them, and train them up a trellis, you can enjoy fresh melons from your own small garden beds.

Can different varieties of watermelon be planted together?

Different varieties of watermelon, however, will cross-pollinate with each other. If you’re growing more than one type of watermelon, such as seedless ones beside the typical seeded ones, be prepared for the fruit to be mixed between the two types of vines as the bees spread pollen between the plant types.

Can you grow pumpkins and watermelons together?

Watermelons and pumpkins belong to the plant family Cucurbitaceae, a group of plants commonly referred to as cucurbits. Since they share similar cultural requirements, cucurbits will grow harmoniously in the same bed if provided with plenty of sunshine, supplemental nutrients and water.

How do you stop a melon from cross pollinating?

To prevent cross pollination, you would need to plant different varieties 100 yards (91 m.) or more apart. This is normally not possible in the home garden. Instead, you can select a bloom that you will later collect seeds from the fruit or seedpod.

How many watermelons can I plant for a family of 4?

As female flowers begin to set fruit, it may appear that your crop yield will be large; however, many of these young melons will shrivel up and die off, with only the strongest fruits remaining to ripen. Depending on your needs, between three and four plants for each member of your household should be sufficient.

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